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Spare parts currently available for Deville 2452 "Hiver" & 452 "Regalia"
We supply service parts for this range of stoves ~ we have found that 8 out of 10 stoves in this range need a new throat plate. This part can be found at the very back of the firebox and is often pierced or badly twisted. It deflects the gases over the top and out through the flue exit. If damaged, it can cause the flue way to block and this can allow dangerous gases to escape.  We have manufactured a new smoke box jig that is free from splits and bends making the newly cast smoke boxes as close to perfect as when they were last cast by Deville over 80 years ago.

We can also supply the removable top grill that protects the door from hot ash. They are often missing or broken.

We are re-manufacturing firebricks for the Hiver range of stoves.
email us about these parts

Ash plate POA€ + p&p
Ash box handle POA€ + p&p
 Firebox parts ~ All models 
Top grill POA€ + p&p
Top firebox side plate POA€ + p&p
NB handed L/R

Throat plate POA€ + p&p
Firebox top plate POA€ + p&p

Loading hatch POA€ + p&p

Hatch lock ~ 2 pieces POA€ + p&p
Firebox base POA€ + p&p

Firebox bottom grate POA€ + p&p

Riddler bar two pieces POA€ + p&p
Rear foot POA€ + p&p

Set of firebricks POA€ + p&p
Other spares available. Call/email for more info.    

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